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Certified Master of Social Work


Erykah M. Tharpe

As you are here making the first step of your JOURN.E, do you feel like you are stuck? Or, maybe you don't know where to start? As a social worker, my purpose is to create a supportive, nonjudgmental, and healing space for you. I want to help you unpack and understand the work and challenges that this career so tightly holds. 


When you are ready to start your JOURN.E, I will strive to listen, learn, and validate you as we move through the process. My goal is to create an open dialogue. I want you to feel comfortable being yourself as we discuss your thoughts and concerns about going into the field of Social Work. I ensure you that this journey will be fulfilling and collaborative.


I am ready to provide a space that is culturally tailored to your wants and needs. My approach will depend solely on navigating your experience and personal goals. 





Question and Answer Sessions

Resume Critique and Review

The Journ.e Package

The Journ.e Jumpstart Strategy Session


I am so grateful to have ran across this page on Instagram! Erykah is amazing! She cares so much for others even though she has never met you. She arranged a one on one meeting to talk about what was going on and goals etc. I love her page and her content!

Britt Mac

THEJOURN.E has helped me in multiple ways. Most importantly the tip I received was to not limit myself to stereotypes when it come to social work. I believe Erykah helped me plan more long term than any of my professors had while I was in school for my BSW. Since talking to Erykah I have found a job in my career (that’s not CPS lol) that I enjoy! But, also she has helped me prepare better for grad school. THANK YOU SO MUCH ERYKAH! Wishing you and thejourn.e all the best!

Kameryn Mitchell

As Im in my last semester of my B.S of PSL, I was looking at grad schools for social work and had no idea where to start. After a zoom call with Erykah she help guide me through what most schools require and gave me tips. 

Michael Conger


Career Workshops

I want social workers to feel Empowered, Confident and Secure in their Social Work Profession. I want students to feel successful when seeking Micro, Mezzo, Macro social work opportunities.

As a previous social work graduate, I myself understands the hiccups of being a woman of color and knows that social work graduate programs do not provide students with all the resources needed to prepare for job opportunities upon graduation.  

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